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Content marketing services

Content marketing services are all about driving engagement and supporting your commercial goals.

We deliver engaging content for your website, email campaigns, social media channels, podcasts and more, all tailored to foster connection with your brand and your audiences and, of course, to achieve your commercial objectives.



Targeted content marketing

Content marketing services make perfect sense in a world in which audiences can receive information in so many different ways.

Traditional marketing can often disrupt and interrupt an audience. Content tailored for them finds where they are, delivering your brand messages in a genuinely valuable and engaging way.

Whether your goal is to increase sales, engage and retain customers, build or reposition your brand or generate new sales leads, Polymedia’s content creation services really deliver.

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Outbound and inbound marketing

Outbound marketing

Our content creation specialists build a profile of your target audiences and then build strategic communications programmes to deliver your messages to them consistently using a range of tools.

These often include a mix of email marketing, direct mail, events, advertising and online and traditional media campaigns, all specifically designed to capture the audience your business wants to reach.

Inbound marketing

Our teams create engaging content marketing designed to bring your audience to you.

Carefully-constructed website content, including blogs, infographics, downloadable guides, thought leadership and white papers work alongside effective SEO campaigns, social media and influencer marketing to raise awareness of your brand and build an engaged following.

Content marketing platforms

Content marketing harnesses a host of tactics. The tools we use in our content marketing services are designed to reach your targeted audience wherever they get their information. Often we use a core piece of content and use it in multiple ways for maximum impact and return on investment.

Whichever tactics we use to build a campaign, content marketing is a powerful way to engage with your audiences and achieve your objectives.

Video Content Marketing

From long-form films to eye-catching clips for social media, we are specialists in creative, high impact video campaigns like this viral example for Help for Heroes.


Quality content supports SEO for your website, to drive visits, increase dwell time and create genuine brand engagement.

Thought Leadership

Downloadable guides, white papers and thought leadership content are a powerful way to position your brand and demonstrate expertise in your field.


Brilliantly-designed, informative and attention-grabbing visuals are a stunningly effective way to communicate key information.


Audio is a highly effective way to reach audiences and is the fastest-growing medium because your targets can listen while they work, run, or travel.

Content marketing evaluation

A key advantage of content marketing services is it’s ability to be quantified and evaluated to measure impact and ROI.

We work with you to find out what your goals are and then create content that is designed to meet those objectives.

Our team is made up of content marketing specialists – former journalists, creative writers and marketing specialists – who understand how to create sparkling content that appeals to target audiences.

It might be a heavyweight thought leadership document hosted on a client’s website, with success measured in terms of the amount of data captured from visitors who download it.

Or it may be video content for a consumer client or not-for-profit organisation, aimed at driving conversations and raising profile – evaluated by the number of views it receives.

We can evaluate reach, conversions, data capture, engagement and more. Whatever your objectives, we create content that delivers to your objectives with measurable effect.

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