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Positioning through strategic media relations

Looking to reinforce its credentials through quality media coverage, Tempcover, a provider of short-term vehicle insurance, was looking for a campaign that would position it as an authority on motoring.

A pioneering player in an emerging market, the company offers fast, easy temporary cover online and through an app. Tempcover wanted to secure coverage in national and regional media.

Our approach

Working closely with Tempcover, we determined the most effective way to deliver to the commercial objectives and set KPIs for evaluation. In line with our mantra of Impact, Not Noise, we were committed to developing a campaign that not only delivered coverage but had something meaningful to say, helping to position the brand as a knowledgeable, leading authority on motoring and a voice for motorists.

We commissioned a polling company to survey a panel of 2,000 motorists, carefully selected so that results could be broken down by a variety of factors including age and region.

Participants were asked for their views on the biggest issues facing the British road network, their preferred solutions, the pros and cons of switching to electric vehicles, their attitudes to driverless cars and smart motorways, and more.

Once results were in, we were able to analyse the data to pick out themes and trends – and compile the results into a comprehensive Future of Motoring Report alongside commentary from Tempcover’s CEO.

Findings and pegs for media

Findings included heavy traffic, pollution and speeding being named as the top problems on the roads, doubt about the effectiveness of measures such as congestion charging, and motorists’ desire to embrace greener technology while experiencing frustration at a lack of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

The media exercise then began – breaking down the results to create bespoke press campaigns for UK regions and national media and tailoring releases with regional angles for maximum impact.


The campaign delivered national coverage in The Telegraph, The Sun, MSN, Yahoo News, and two appearances in The Daily Mail, in its This Is Money and motoring features.

Regional media and specialist media for the insurance media added to the mix, with the campaign overall reaching an estimated audience of almost 900,000 readers online, plus print readership.

The report also drove significant traffic to Tempcover via its website and social media.

Following the campaign, the report was sent to Grant Shapps MP, then Secretary of State for Transport, to call on the government to listen to the voices of UK motorists, explore ways to improve charging points and facilities for electric vehicles, take on board concerns over the safety of smart motorways, and explore the use of greener technologies for a more sustainable future of motoring.