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Corporate PR

Corporate PR encompasses all communications surrounding your brand.

It’s about getting the right messages to the right audiences, in the most effective way possible.

Harnessing all communications platforms to deliver your commercial objectives.


The DNA of your business

The essence of your corporate brand

Brand is the DNA of a business or organisation. It is responsible for how it looks, its personality, the way it speaks, and its values. It’s this DNA which must resonate with the people who are important to it – audiences. These are your potential customers, existing customers, staff, the supply chain, talent, the community and other stakeholders such as investors or politicians.

Corporate PR powerfully showcases your DNA, all the time and in everything you do. It’s all about engagement, emotional connection and trust.

Step into an Apple store or visit their website and you can immediately identify the ‘personality’ of the brand. John Lewis and Lidl may be at opposite ends of the spectrum in many ways – but we all know what they stand for and we trust them to deliver on their brand values.

Corporate PR distils the essence of your brand and then ensures you are communicating from its heart.


Effective campaigns

Every brand has different corporate communications needs, and every campaign should be designed strategically to paint an engaging picture for each target audience.

A company looking to make redundancies, for example, will have a distinctly different and specific set of messages for its staff, the bank, customers and media. They can’t be conflicting – they have to be complementary and authentic, and delivered impeccably.

Objectives of a corporate PR campaign will differ – to promote, sell, influence, reinforce, retain, lobby, recruit or position. The audiences and target messages may also differ. But that core brand DNA remains the same, running through every aspect of comms, from training and product development through to management, marketing, sales and customer relations.



Strong foundations

Corporate PR must be built holistically and on the most solid of foundations. The comms strategy must reflect and respond to the business and marketing strategies and objectives.

A strategic planning process challenges assumptions: What exactly does your brand stand for? Do all senior players agree, is that how the broader team, customers and stakeholders perceive it? Is it reflected in current comms and collateral or is the perception at odds with the reality and the ambition.

Where are you now in terms of positioning, and where do you want to be? How can we make a strategic transition?

Delivering Corporate PR campaigns

With foundations in place, next comes:

  • Audience profiling – who do we need to talk with, not at or to.
  • Development of bespoke messaging for every target audience, with clear objectives in mind.

Corporate PR communicatioms demand consistent, sustained and targeted messaging. They need careful planning and impeccable delivery, painting the picture of a brand over time, layer by layer, shining a light on the elements that are most important to its personality.

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