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Polymedia is an award-winning full-service agency, delivering strategic consumer PR services for a wide range of clients.

We’re a specialist consumer PR and marketing consultancy and understand that strategic PR communication in the consumer world is all about impact.

That impact is created by delivering your objectives, whatever they may be. Those objectives, the strategy to achieve them and the evaluation of our campaigns are all crucial to our success.

We’ve delivered exceptional, eye-catching consumer PR campaigns for a host of clients in different sectors.

Intelligent consumer pr with impact

Our expertise

Our consumer PR team has worked with clients of all shapes and sizes – from destinations, Michelin starred restaurants, hotels, visitor attractions, holiday parks and shopping centres to waste companies, housebuilders, airlines, online retailers, local authorities and charities.

We work intelligently, quickly and flexibly, leading your consumer PR campaigns or feeding into them, determined to make a visible difference to your brand - usually with a splash of personality and humour thrown into the equation.

The senior team at our PR agency is made up of a mix of former journalists, marketing specialists and creatives, supported by specialists in copywriting, digital marketing, design, media and website development.

As a consumer PR agency, we have an intuitive understanding of our client’s brand and products. We also have the ability to harness the most effective, creative marketing communications and PR tools to maximise budget, achieve set commercial objectives and truly engage with audiences.


What is Consumer PR?

A consumer PR strategy can help establish brand identity, increase brand awareness, improve company reputation and help build the trust of customers.

Knowing your audience and what matters to them is crucial. A sound consumer PR strategy gives you the opportunity to talk to your customers in a meaningful way, to attract a new audience, to grow that relationship and to build brand loyalty.

Every audience consumes its information in different ways and on different platforms. Our job is to reach out to yours – through one medium or through many.

Brands looking for help with consumer PR strategy also usually have more opportunity to have fun with the brief and be creative. We love to come up with exciting ideas and concepts that will really stand out.

Although we know how to create a successful campaign with the usual mix of media, we also know that journalists like to receive something different in their inbox. We craft integrated campaigns from a host of PR and brand disciplines such as traditional media, blogging, social media, web development, digital marketing, e-communication, marketing communications, networking, design and print.

Who we work with

Our Consumer PR clients include…

Our consumer PR client list includes a variety of companies from different industry sectors.

We work with shopping centres, historical parks, housebuilders, estate agents, online retailers, local authorities and charities.

We also have decades of experience working with clients in travel and tourism, including airlines, hotels and restaurants.

When we work on campaigns with our clients, we don’t believe in communicating just for the sake of it. All Polymedia campaigns are director-led, strategic, and aligned with the business objectives of the clients we work with.

Adjusting your communication

The difference between Consumer and B2B PR

There are some fundamental elements that apply to every campaign regardless of whether you are working on a consumer PR campaign or business-to-business. But when it comes to PR and comms, one size doesn’t fit all.

One of the main differences between B2B and Consumer PR is who the target audience is and how this target audience can be reached. Consumer-driven PR campaigns, are directed at the public, who may engage with a brand or purchase based on emotions associated with need, desire or price.

While PR can help get consumers excited about a latest product or service, B2B PR will focus more on educating business leaders on how an offering will add value to their company.

Not only do B2B and B2C customers typically want different things, but business and consumer brands typically have different goals, too. This means adjusting your communications strategy to meet those goals.

Content is one area where the differences between B2B and Consumer PR are strong. For example, case studies and white papers can be useful for a B2B campaign, where audiences want to see that you are knowledgeable and credible in your industry. Consumers, however, prefer content that’s more emotionally-driven and easy to digest. The form, media platforms you use, and tone of your content need to be tailored accordingly.

We understand the demands of consumer sectors and whether your audience will be needing something for themselves or their business, the bottom line is the same. You must craft a message that resonates, get it where your target audience will find it, and support their decision with compelling content – and we can do just that.

Protecting the reputation of your brand

Consumer PR Crisis Management

Consumer is a high risk sector when it comes to potentially brand-damaging situations. We work closely with senior management, communications and customer service teams to protect the reputation of your business – but also to put plans in place so that should an issue arise we’re all ready for it and it feels more controlled.

If the unthinkable becomes the reality, then our crisis management specialists are on call 24/7 to work closely with your senior management, communications, operations and customer service teams, protecting the reputation of your business and its future.

Crisis training, ranging from introductory media handling to full scenario training is available on a bespoke basis.

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