LinkedIn training to keep you connected


Connecting with people has never been more important.

If you’ve been meaning to tackle LinkedIn more professionally, then now is the time. We're strategic PR specialists and we regularly run LinkedIn training sessions at client premises - but are now offering them through Zoom videoconferencing or Teams meetings.


This is a live, interactive session, bespoke for your business, which covers:

  • What LinkedIn is for and why you should use it
  • How to construct an effective personal profile
  • Setting aims and goals
  • Who to connect with, how and why
  • LinkedIn as a content platform
  • Skills and endorsements
  • How to engage effectively
  • How to support company pages
  • Groups
  • Use of features such as hashtags
  • Privacy controls
  • Do’s and don’ts


The session includes a Q+A and a review of each participant’s personal profile, with suggested edits.

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