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Home sweet home. The number of Britons turning to staycations has climbed this summer amid fears of going abroad during the current pandemic. Holiday goers are looking for lower risk options, without the 14-day quarantine and in the UK, booking trips every 11 seconds.

Domestic tourism could be a lifeline for Covid hit businesses as huge numbers rely on the influx of tourism not just from abroad, but from the UK.

The UK tourism industry is now under real pressure to drive demand over the coming months, so delivering creative campaigns should be near the top of the recovery plan, to get visitors in and reassure what they are offering is safe, flexible, and exciting.

For some businesses, customer bases might have shifted from international to those seeking holidays closer to home, so will need to employ new marketing and PR strategies which are relevant and targeted to their evolving audiences. These customers will want to be updated on the steps taken at every phase of recovery to ensure their safety.

It’s therefore essential to harness the most effective marketing communications and PR tools to achieve business objectives and truly engage with audiences.

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