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We live in a fast-moving world in which changes in technology and communications have driven Public Relations to evolve. This has led to each Public Relations agency building upon what they can offer to their clients, doing much more than securing media coverage.

So, what exactly does that involve? Here is a look into the most common approaches.

Identifying goals

Identifying an organisation’s ambitions and goals is the first thing any good PR company will consider. Using insights like a brand’s history and its current audience, alongside its own data sources, the Public Relations Agency will develop a strategy that is in line with the business’s ambitions and works to achieve them.

The strategy will outline key targets of the PR campaign, taking into consideration a brand’s current position in the market, its competitors, and the challenges it may face. With this information as a strong foundation, a PR Agency can then develop messages and a full campaign, using the methods and platforms that are best placed to deliver information to the target audience.

Manage a brand reputation

Developing the relationship an organisation holds with its target audience the most important aspect of any Public Relations agency campaign. This can help build a positive brand reputation, increase consumer retention, and have a positive impact on sales.

Often using a mixture of communication tools, an agency understands which stories make press releases or good social media content build upon credibility and the consumers’ confidence in a brand.

A brand’s reputation and the trust its target audience has for it are key – and may just be the deciding factor between a customer choosing one company over its competitors.

Create compelling pitches

Media coverage is an important part of Public Relations, as obtaining and keeping the attention of journalists and influencers can lead to great opportunities for a brand’s image to grow and gain exposure.

That is why the ability to write strong media pitches is a critical skill for any good PR agency to provide. A good PR pitch is typically short and engaging, quickly conveying a message to journalists that outlines the value of a story, how the brand is important and why the publication should share it with their readers.

Content creation

Alongside developing media pitches, a good Public Relations Agency will work to create engaging and relevant content for a host of online and social media platforms, often having a skilled team of writers brimming with plenty of creative ideas.

Good PR will cover content over a variety of platforms, from traditional newspapers, radio and brochures to video, blogs and social media. Whatever the platform, well-constructed, gripping content increases a brand’s reach and reinforces its reputation.

A Public Relations Agency uses their contacts to help a brand succeed

An established PR company will already come with a bulging contacts book and good relations with key journalists. They will also have a solid understanding of trends, news hooks and which story ideas work for which publications.

This network of contacts maximises the chance of achieving good coverage. Boosting a brand’s presence both on and offline helps to kickstart its relationship with media, which can lead to further opportunities later.

Build a contingency plan

When it comes to a crisis, carefully structured responses that are clear, calm, and easy to execute quickly are vital to damage control. So, building solid contingency plans is a key part of a PR strategy. It can be the difference between a company recovering from a crisis or going under. A good Public Relations agency will be able to forecast possible crisis scenarios and proactively design responses to navigate potential issues.

Preparation for the worst can help a brand can get ahead of the narrative before the media takes a hold of it, potentially advertising a disaster.

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