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Sometimes an idea is so good, you can’t believe it hasn’t been thought of before.

That was the case when inventor Drew Bartlett came to Polymedia for help launching and marketing his creation – a simple gadget with the potential to save electrical contractors from serious injury or death.

Drew, whose day job is at the helm of long-established contractors tools supplier Southern Power Tools, which had its website produced by Polymedia, regularly supplies contractors which open the insulation ducting around electrical cables to carry out inspections or repairs.

A variety of tools can be used for the job, but there is a risk of the contractor cutting too far through the ducting and making contact with the live cable. These incidents, known in the industry as cable strikes, can cause injuries from electric shock – sometimes serious or even fatal.

Drew set to work to invent a new kind of cutting disc that could be fitted to the standard multitools in general use by contractors. His invention includes a limiter around the disc which stops the tool from cutting any further once it reached the required depth.

This meant workers could simply identify the depth of cut needed, fit the relevant, colour-coded disc, and then set to work safely.

Drew carried out trials with UK Power Networks, one of the UK’s Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) which are responsible for maintaining electricity networks around the UK.

Following a successful start, he came to Polymedia to prepare for launching the product to the wider market.

The first task was to give the product a name – one which conveyed the product’s purpose and provided reassurance that it made a positive contribution to safety. After workshopping several ideas, and checking which website domain names were available for use, the team settled on SureDuct.

Polymedia researched and developed key messaging for SureDuct, focusing on the frequency and impact of cable strikes on individuals, the power networks, and the general public. The core message centred on health and safety, presenting SureDuct as an essential piece of protective equipment, just like a hard hat or hi-vis clothing.

However there were additional messages to the networks around time saved by using the cutting tool when compared to alternatives, and the financial and reputational costs of downtime caused by cable strikes.

Polymedia worked with SureDuct’s own web developer and designer to bring these messages to life at – also working with a video team and UKPN to provide promotional and instructional videos to show the device in action.

With the foundations in place, SureDuct can now market the product to DNOs around the UK, to individual contractors, and to adjacent industries, such as telecoms contractors, who are also involved in cable repairs.

A media launch designed to reach key audiences in the trade saw publication in health and safety and electrical trade outlets including Electrical Contracting News – a textbook example of targeting the most relevant audiences to ensure the message cuts through.