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The way all work has been transformed beyond recognition over the last few months. For many businesses, remote working, or a blend of home and workplace activity, has become the norm.

While some changes will be temporary, others will have a far-reaching effect on our professional lives for a long time to come.

Polymedia has been helping clients adapt their PR strategy to this changing landscape and, in turn, communicate with their customers about the ways their services can be of benefit.

For award-winning business communications specialist Onecom, the shift in working practices presents an opportunity to help customers use technology in a way that leads to better communication, efficiency and collaboration.

Onecom, recent winner in the Mobile Industry Awards 2020 for Best Mobile Service and Solution provider, held a Virtual Round Table event at which a panel of business leaders at organisations from 50 to 27,000 employers discussed the pandemic and its long-term impact.

Among the themes that emerged was how teams who were previously reticent about using technology such as video meeting platforms had embraced them through necessity. As well as supporting Onecom with day-to-day media and PR, Polymedia is helping Onecom to deliver content around key themes arising from the round table – such as the need for businesses to make sure they are “tech ready” for longer-term shifts towards remote and blended working.

Changing working practices are also a key theme for Reality HR, a leading provider of outsourced people management services. Polymedia works with Reality HR on content-based campaigns and has stepped up activity during and beyond lockdown as employers seek help with issues such as remote working, furlough, redundancy, and changes to working hours.

To help Reality HR how the effects of the pandemic on long-term working practices, Polymedia conducted a survey covering questions such as the extent of home-based working, closure of premises, flexible working requests and how people felt productivity had been affected.

The results are in a free, downloadable report which is the basis of Reality HR’s REBALANCE campaign, aimed at helping businesses transition from coping with the short-term effects of lockdown towards getting on a secure footing to thrive in the future.

Content-based campaigns such as these are a highly-effective way of demonstrating expertise and engaging audiences. If you would like to talk to a Polymedia specialist about how we can help your business, just get in touch.