The old adage, a picture paints a thousand words is still true today - but in today's multi-media landscape, a video is worth a thousand more.

Video is now a crucial part of any content-driven campaign, used in many different ways on your own website, social media, and platforms such as YouTube. In an age when we are bombarded with information, eye-catching, high-impact photography and video content is crucial to any content campaign.

Video is highly effective for consumer campaigns but is also increasingly important for business-to-business communications - whether that's through live seminars, corporate videos or creative campaigns.

Our photography team includes specialists in consumer and B2B imagery including food, property, portrait and studio work, while the videography capability of our broadcast-trained team includes all aspects from initial concepts through script writing to the final edit. From live action shoots to the creation of CGI sequences, we can provide highly-creative videography solutions.

We also work with dedicated drone pilots to deliver bird’s eye footage like no other for corporate or consumer use - it’s a stunning medium.

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