Managing a crisis, an issue or controversial change involves the same skills sets – intelligent, fast thinking, the ability to challenge facts, straight talking, an intuitive understanding of people and insight into how rolling events may change tack at any point.

These are skills we have honed over three decades working in strategic communications and crisis and issues management and as former journalists on the other side of the fence.

Whether you’re facing significant restructuring, allegations of dishonesty, abuse or negligence, or a potentially catastrophic business crisis, we can help take the heat out of the situation, protect your reputation, limit potential damage and suggest a strategy as the incident begins to abate.

Ideally, we would work with you to plan and train for a crisis all retained clients have 24/7 access to our crisis team. But if your brand is at risk today that doesn’t really help you. 

Be prepared

If the unthinkable looks like it may become a reality, call us confidentially now. We can help.

We also offer media training to ensure you are always ready to handle those trickier moments. Find out more here.

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