Regional media hits on stowaway bunnies

Here’s one of the furry culprits which had Polymedia hopping to their regional media contacts for client pump rental specialist Selwood.

The rabbits had sneaked inside hoses that had been delivered with Selwood pumping equipment to the Crawley depot of transport firm BP McKeefry in Radford Road, Crawley, West Sussex, and were still snuggled up when staff from Selwood’s branch in Charlton, South London, came to pick the hoses up.

The stowaway bunnies kept themselves tucked away as the lorry made its way to the Selwood Penhall Road in Charlton – and only hopped out when the hoses were being unloaded at the other end.

Selwood drivers then had to chase them round the car park to catch them so they could be kept safely in a box until the RSPCA arrived.

Selwood rabbits

Spotting a funny and unusual story for their regional media contacts, Polymedia’s journalistic skills came into play, scoring regional media hits in Sussex and South London – not only raising the profile of the Selwood brand, but also portraying the business as friendly and approachable.

Kayleigh Morrison, hire controller at Selwood’s Charlton branch, said: “It was a bit of an early Easter surprise for the drivers! We think they were wild rabbits that must have just crawled into the hoses as it was somewhere sheltered for them to hide away.

“There was a bit of a chase around the car park but eventually we managed to get them into a box until the animal inspectors arrived. The rabbits were a bit confused and shaken up but they hadn’t been harmed in any way.”

RSPCA spokeswoman Amy De-Keyzer said: “The two rabbits were taken to our South Essex wildlife centre, where they are being checked over – they seem absolutely fine. We’re grateful to Selwood staff for alerting us – they did the right thing. Once the rabbits have a clean bill of health, they will be released back into the wild where they belong.”

Polymedia is working with Selwood on an integrated communications plan, which has included the delivery of a new international website and an ongoing communications strategy across national, regional and trade press and social media.

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