PR for iconic Campervan Safaris brand

Who doesn’t love a classic VW Camper Van? With their friendly faces, Smartie-coloured paintwork, and vintage pedigree, they promise all the good things of life; fun, adventure and the chance to park up anywhere and brew a cup of tea.

So when New Forest Safari Campers asked Polymedia to help promote their beautiful brand, we jumped at the chance.

Over the past few months, we’ve been getting to know Dylan, Flame, Berry, Mallard and all their campery chums and very soon you’ll be hearing about them too, as the media start reporting back on their New Forest Safari trips, and all the great stuff that comes with them. 

As a team, Polymedia and New Forest Safari Campers are working on a strategic campaign, looking at their social media, advertising spend, website, CRM strategy, digital comms and traditional PR. 

Whether we’re talking about a smiley campervan, an airline launch, or the digital re-launch of a respected supplier of pumps to industry, we’re passionate about supporting our client’s brands. 

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