Polymedia launches practical guide to GDPR for marketeers

The deadline is looming for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force and all businesses across every sector need to get in gear.

Polymedia has produced a practical, jargon-free guide for marketeers to help businesses make sure they have all bases covered before May 25. 

Jo Kedward, Managing Director of Polymedia, said: "GDPR is the most far-reaching change to data protection in a generation and we believe businesses should see it as a trigger to create a database that is meaningful as well as compliant - basically quality over quantity.

"In our guide we've focused on the practical implications of GDPR for marketeers.

"It's our interpretation, not a substitute for quality legal advice, but we hope that it's a pragmatic and useful introduction to GDPR."

Download the guide here