Domestic tourism market and the effect of Brexit

Domestic tourism and leisure is one of the few sectors which may benefit from our exit from the EU, with the 2008 trend for the staycation back on the holiday hit list.

With the value of the pound, down 10% against the euro post-referendum, pundits from organisations such as TravelSupermarket are predicting that the cost of a European family holiday will have increased by nearly £250.

Add to that uncertainty about jobs and security and, as we saw after the 2008 financial crisis, many will choose to stay in the UK for their holidays – at least in the short to medium term.  That’s good for the UK tourism industry, although a little sunshine in the next few weeks would certainly help things along! 

The first quarter saw record-breaking sales, with VisitBritain figures showing overnight stays in England already up 10% to more than 7 million.

The most obvious destinations such as Cornwall and London will of course benefit, but a little research and imagination can uncover less obvious but no less stunning or successful options for a great break away on the doorstep. 

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