Community stories to attract runners for region’s Great South Run

It attracts 20,000 participants each year, is watched by millions on national TV and is the world’s leading 10-mile running event. But the Great South Run is about so much more than sport. While the world’s top athletes compete for prestige and prizes, thousands of ordinary men, women and children from the local community take part for far more personal reasons.

Behind every race number is a personal story – and it is these stories that formed the heart of our campaign when we were brought on board to support the Great South Run in its 10th year of holding the annual event in Portsmouth.

Our team’s journalism experience and strong partnerships with media were key to the success of a campaign which saw us dig deep into the individual stories of triumph and tragedy of those taking part.

A partnership with the regional media in Hampshire saw us supply a regular stream of articles to keep the Great South Run in the headlines and drive sign-ups from the target area in the anniversary year.

Stories were also targeted at key media in Sussex, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and beyond to spread the campaign’s reach and raise awareness with each publication’s community.