Integrated communications for the domestic holiday market

Bunn Leisure in West Sussex is no stranger to the allure of the great British holiday; it’s been a market leader in family breaks for more than half a century. 

Welcoming 100,000 guests a year, its PR campaign requires a creative, integrated and responsive communications approach – one which evokes a sense of fun!

The PR strategy has at its core an intuitive knowledge of both the Bunn Leisure brand and its business – and a close relationship with the in-house team to ensure fully-integrated activity across the board. Generally, we need to glean this information quickly but for Bunn Leisure it’s been developed over a decade working together! 


Strategic focus

The strategic PR focus is engagement and the brand messaging serves to communicate with those people who have been enjoying holidays at Bunn Leisure for generations – as well as an audience who have never visited before.

At the heart of the marketing strategy is Bunn Leisure as a holiday park for all seasons – a warm, friendly place where cherished family memories are created.

The messaging is integrated across multiple media platforms, whether it be a fun blog on the website, a nostalgia article in the local press, a colourful brochure, or an ongoing social media campaign run over several weeks.

The content strategy is carefully planned and evolves throughout the year as the holiday season flows into peak and off-peak periods.

With a golden mile of beach, award-winning facilities and a star-studded £1.5m entertainments line-up, there’s plenty to shout about from a PR perspective – but honing in on activities which will deliver best ROI and re-working content across multiple platforms ensures best value.


Positioning and reputation management

This is the core of what we do. But it’s not the whole story.  Through strategic brand positioning, Polymedia works to protect and enhance the reputation of this 57-year-old business and supports it on those occasionally tricky topics which face all consumer businesses.

The business may be about fun, but it has a serious role to play in the local economy. 2017 saw the business investing £14m in a significant refurbishment programme across its 300-acre site using local contractors where possible. Bunn Leisure employs 350 full-time and 350 seasonal staff, and generates more than £60m for the local economy.

When Bunn Leisure embarked on a major £15m beach regeneration in 2012 – the first privately-funded project of its kind and size in the UK – Polymedia played a pivotal role in ensuring the communication of such a ground-breaking project was carefully managed, making sure the unusual works were seen as a positive attraction, not a negative annoyance.

As specialists in the hospitality and leisure sector, Polymedia continues to bring its wealth of expertise to Bunn Leisure as the business moves onward and upward.

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