Powerful influencers

National print, online and broadcast media, despite their challengers, are still one of the most powerful influencers. Knowing how to reach out to influential national journalists, having the contacts to make an approach effective and an intuitive understanding of what the journalist needs, are skills that our senior team, including former journalists and editors, have at their fingertips.


Considered positioning and sensitivity

Following the distressing headlines surrounding child abuse in football, our client, BL Claims Solicitors, a leading law firm in the field of child abuse claims, was intent to ensure correct messages about the sensitivities, the implications and the processes about such allegations were heard – and that any other victims affected by the floodgates finally opening and looking for legal support could access it.

Upon being instructed by a former Southampton Football Club youth team member who alleged historic abuse linked to the club, Polymedia had the task of making sure the issues involved were aired sensitively to a regional and national audience. There was a need to balance the media potential of the story with its sensitivities.

Our approach positioned our client as a leading authority on these kinds of cases. A considered approach to regional journalists ensured front-page coverage in a key newspaper – important for the firm, which wanted to get its message across to potential claimants in the local area. Then carefully, using trusted contacts, Polymedia moved the story on so it led the national news.


More than 100 pieces of coverage

Our approach secured coverage in national media including the Daily Mirror, Sky Sports,The Sun in print and online. Regional websites up and down the country followed, and by the end of the day Polymedia had secured more than 100 pieces of coverage. A follow-up piece in The Guardian looked at the wider legal context of child safeguarding, featuring commentary from the lawyer at the heart of the case.

He later said: “What was highly impressive was the sensitive manner in which Polymedia dealt with my client, the way they managed to ensure that a highly-delicate story was accurately reported, and the way in which they ensured that the story went to the national press. These are true media professionals and they keep on delivering.”


National media as part of an integrated content strategy

Polymedia uses national media as just one part of an integrated content strategy, ensuring that the same messages reach clients however they are received.

For our professional services clients, it’s more than just an exercise in gaining national profile – it’s about positioning them as leading specialists in their field.

That might be through commentary on the implications of government policy in the likes of The Times and the Daily Telegraph, or it might be powerful human interest stories in The Sun and Daily Mail.

For our consumer clients, including leaders in leisure, travel and tourism, we regularly achieve national coverage with beautifully-written, evocative spreads in the travel pages and in leading lifestyle magazines such as Vogue, Good Housekeeping, John Lewis Magazine and Olive.

It’s not coverage for coverage’s sake – it's just one way to reach an audience of millions through a platform that matters.

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