Supporting recruitment through a skills crisis

A regional community is a powerful force – and successfully reaching out on a local level can reap significant rewards. The regional presence of a brand is often as, or even more important, than its national picture. Having a strong reputation locally gives companies an edge over competitors and supports a host of business goals – from sales and reputation management to recruitment and retention.

For Tithegrove, a long-established and leading Wiltshire groundworks company looking to move into Hampshire, the focus was on raising profile and brand awareness in an area where they were not yet established in order to support recruitment of a quality team.

This strategy had stand-alone community objectives as the linchpin of a broader campaign. Polymedia was instructed to deliver a strategic, thoughtful, reputation-boosting campaign reinforcing its business ethos while raising awareness of the business generally and its recruitment needs specifically.


The challenge

The challenge was achieving this aim as a new player in the market where most of the local community or the regional media knew nothing of the business and what it stands for.

A strategic and creative approach along with an intuitive understanding of regional media and the local community was needed.

The messaging was built around Tithegrove’s established reputation elsewhere in the UK, its willingness to engage with the communities in which it works, and its status as a desirable company to work for.


Careful messaging in partnership with regional media

Schools, churches and other groups were invited to reach out to identify gardens and open spaces in need of a makeover.

Subtle recruitment messages combined with engaging community-led copy killed two birds with one stone for Tithegrove – and engaged more meaningfully and with a larger audience than a simple advert could achieve.

Those messages were promoted through traditional media, including a branded campaign in the Southern Daily Echo, Portsmouth News and Basingstoke Gazette, as well as via social media channels, primarily Facebook and Twitter.  

The campaign was accompanied by bright and positive imagery that reinforced Tithegrove’s message of being a forward-thinking company that puts people and employees at the heart of everything it does.

The campaign is a case in point that local newspapers – and increasingly their growing website followings – remain a trusted source of information for consumers – especially powerful when woven into a multi-level strategic campaign.

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