Social media and digital marketing

Social media and digital marketing are complementary and intrinsic elements to online presence and brand development. Most powerful when blended into an integrated PR campaign.

They help develop relationships, sell your products, and promote your messages.  They can also catapult your website in search rankings.

They are the key to unique opportunities for immediate and responsive dialogue with the people who matter most to your business. It’s good to talk – but it’s also important to listen.


There’s a professional balance in delivering maximum commercial benefit from these media. You need rich content and positive engagement across key platforms.  But crucially your commercial messages need to be heard by the right people and to trigger the right response.


Our digital team develops strategic, planned social media campaigns perfectly pitched towards the audiences they are aimed at and blending different objective-led content to ensure return on investment. We focus budget and time on high return platforms developing organic and paid-for campaigns which work hand-in-hand with other integrated PR disciplines. 

We reach out to bloggers and influencers alongside traditional journalists; matching your brand to their audience and offering another alternative to bland outbound marketing.

Our evocative, engaging and shareable blog copy will add another dimension to your online presence, alongside beautifully written, but subtly search engine optimised, web copy.