Brand development and creative design

Your brand is the personality of your business, its DNA influencing the way it looks, thinks and speaks. 

It should be instantly recognisable. Your business personality inherently visible across every aspect of your brand.  Customers, staff, suppliers, stakeholders, the public or investors – each should personally relate to that DNA. 


Brand personality is powerful. It’s what people buy into.

It can also be difficult to see how a personality is portrayed when you’re heavily immersed in a business. 


We work with you to assess that DNA, ensure it’s being effectively portrayed and developed over time for maximum commercial benefit.  

Your values, your tone of voice, the way your business looks, how it engages with customers, staff and other stakeholders.  Whether the reality matches the perception or is a cosmetic reflection.

It’s all about where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow and into the future.  

With a strategy clearly defined, we then harness powerful PR and creative design and digital techniques to paint a persuasive, enduring, genuinely reflective and engaging portrait of your business.