It’s all in our name

Our team of talented PR professionals handles every aspect of communication, blended into campaigns to achieve client goals.


Everything we do responds to commercial objectives, a business plan or a marketing strategy. 


Those objectives are as many and varied as the clients we deliver them for, from entrepreneurial start-ups and SMEs to blue-chips, plcs, local authorities and not-for-profit organisations.

Often an increase in profitable sales is key.  Sometimes to strategically develop and promote a brand or protect its reputation; improve relationships with customers, staff, investors or the public; positively persuade stakeholders to a way of thinking; or successfully launch a new product or campaign.  Sometimes, it’s to prepare for or manage a crisis, an issue or business change.

Our honest, sensible and pragmatic approach is always the same.  What do you need to achieve? Who do you need to talk with?  What do we need to say to them?  Answers to these questions form the foundation stones of our strategic campaign plan.

Your results are delivered through strategic, planned and integrated PR. 

Many techniques delivered through many channels. It’s all in our name. Polymedia.