Social media training

Our team delivers bespoke social media planning and implementation. We're often approached by smaller businesses looking to improve the strategic direction and commercial effectiveness of their social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest with larger businesses looking to support networking through LinkedIn.

If you’re looking to develop a social media strategy or staff guidelines or to attend a bespoke training session, give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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The power of professional level LinkedIn

A half-day course.

LinkedIn is well-known as the world’s most prominent professional network, but it is also a powerful publishing platform, recruitment aid, sales tool and lead generation solution.

With a no-nonsense, no-jargon approach, our specialists can talk complete beginners, power users and those in-between through the best ways of getting the most out of LinkedIn.

From creating the perfect profile to using highly-targeted marketing tools to drive prospects and customers to your website or sales channels, you will come away with a new understanding of the platform and its endless potential.

Cost for 1 to 4 people from your organisation: £375

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Media training

If you’re looking to step up your media presence, or are worried about what might happen if you are caught unawares by an approach by print, online or broadcast media, then our team of former journalists and broadcasters can work with you.

Whether you are looking to raise profile or handle the impact of a potential crisis, we offer various levels of training to ensure your business makes the most of opportunities and avoids the many pitfalls.

Using a variety of tools, we can advise on media skills, how to handle unexpected or difficult questions and how to ensure key messages come across naturally and accurately.

We can also conduct mock print or broadcast interviews with coaching and feedback to prepare for that big interview or impending crisis.

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Crisis planning and handling

A crisis can happen to any business. Anything from a serious safety incident at a manufacturing plant to allegations of dishonesty, impropriety or negligence, an incident of food poisoning to a hospitality business or of criminal proceedings for a professional services firm. The list is endless.

Our team of crisis communications specialists work with your comms and senior management teams to develop a crisis communications plan.

We work with you to assess risks and develop simple plans to ensure, if the unthinkable becomes the reality, your business is in a position to respond professionally and effectively.

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Managing an issue or crisis

If your business finds itself facing public criticism, the performance of your team could be the make or break of it. Best practice dictates that your senior team should be equipped with the skills to deal with any incident.

Who is the best member of your team to handle broadcast interviews? Who needs to be involved to make decisions? Do your staff know not to speak with media – and also not to say “no comment".

How do you respond to challenging questions, door-stepping or a social media storm?

We support your team to ensure they are aware what can happen and what steps to take or avoid if they find themselves in the heat of an issue.

This can be a simple two-hour overview planning session or a high-level in-depth real life programme, which transports a management team into a devised and rolling crisis to put them through their paces.

These training packages are put together on a bespoke basis - to discuss your business confidentially just give us a call.

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