Will Twitter’s latest gimmick stick around?

Twitter has announced that, since their launch, Twitter Stickers have been added to ‘millions of photos’. The platform is now building on this success by allowing advertisers to pay to create their own promoted stickers, which can be added into photos.

Pepsi has been the front runner in this new update, immediately launching eight personalised stickers. Interestingly, only one of their batch of stickers was clearly identifiable as Pepsi, suggesting a new approach to advertising in the digital age.


So how do Twitter Stickers work?

Advertisers buy batches of four or eight stickers at a time, which can then be used by the Twitter community. All are searchable, just like hashtags, so viewers can click on them to see what other users are using them for.


The stickers are an attempt by Twitter to cash in on some of the success enjoyed by similar gimmicks on other platforms – particularly Snapchat, where custom filters and overlays have captured the imagination of a young audience.

Following Pepsi’s lead, film giant Warner Bros was next to get on board with a Twitter Stickers campaign in support of the Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Users had the option to tweet stickers representing a wand, scarf and other items associated with the film’s lead character, Newt Scamander,.

Since then, take-up has perhaps not been as strong as Twitter hoped, with brands seemingly preferring Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram for their consumer campaigns. All is not lost – but we feel that it’s going to take a big push from Twitter for this kind of campaign to really stick. 

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