Facebook ads rumour may upset loyal fans

Rumour has it that Facebook is to test interruptive video advertising, a move that could upset the social media network’s loyal fan base.

According to a report by Recode, Facebook will allow publishers to insert mid-roll adverts, that play halfway through the video (rather than pre-roll adverts which play before it starts) into their video clips after people have watched them for at least 20 seconds.

Early reports from the media suggest that “Facebook could be about to make videos much, much more annoying” and that they’re “testing a new feature that could anger users”.  But for publishers it’s good news – bringing in revenue to those spending considerable resources on sharing valuable video content on the platform.

To date, Facebook has refrained from using even pre-roll adverts, but it appears that the income opportunities and pressure from video publishers is just too strong. It’s said that Facebook would share the profits, with media outlets and video publishers set to receive 55% of revenue from the sales.

At the moment, Facebook is keeping quiet about the rumours, but has today introduced improvements to Facebook Live – including the ability to post live video from web browsers, to add ‘Live Contributor’ page roles (perfect for broadcast journalists) and lightweight video insights.

We’ll follow this closely!

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