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This month’s update includes news on LinkedIn video features and the introduction of stickers to Twitter – watch out for our next update coming soon.Social media update graphic for latest news and view in the world of social media


Messenger reaches one billion users

Facebook Messenger has reached one billion monthly users, making it one of the most popular apps in the world. While Messenger is still playing catch-up to WhatsApp, which achieved 1 billion monthly users in February, it is by no means suffering from a bit of friendly competition.


Snapchat rivals Pinterest

Snapchat and Pinterest are two of the hottest social media apps. However, in their quest for advertising, they’ve become rivals. While their advertising strategies differ, a 2016 online marketing survey by RBC Capital Marketers showed that advertisers were interested in both channels, with a record 45% of respondents indicating an interest in advertising on Snapchat.


Twitter announces introduction of stickers

A variety of emojis will soon be available to all Twitter users to decorate photos. These stickers will become searchable by clicking on the sticker itself just like a hashtag. This will direct you to a new timeline where images using the same stickers will be displayed. This new feature reflects the recent emoji sticker updates released by Snapchat, taking the functionality of stickers a step further by allowing users to search the sticker across the Twitter platform. While Twitter haven’t yet mentioned the possibility of branded stickers, it seems that this will be a likely route in the future, similar to the current branded hashtags.


LinkedIn to introduce video

LinkedIn has recently hinted at the possibility of video updates, including native video functionality and the possibility of live group video calls, live video training and webinars. The networking tool has already embraced significant updates, allowing users to share videos in the news feed and making it easy to embed and share videos from YouTube and Vimeo. These updates continue to change the way that businesses and individuals communicate with their audiences as video gains importance.


Twitter opens its blue tick to all users

The blue tick verification once reserved for celebrities and high-profile users has now been opened to all account holders via an online application. For a user to be verified, Twitter must consider the account to be ‘of public interest’ and the user applying must provide phone number, website, address and allow public tweets.

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