Essential information for Instagram campaigns

Instagram has officially announced the launch of new tools, including new business pages and Insights. These updates are set to be rolled out first in the USA and will be available everywhere by the end of the year. 

So what will the main changes be?

  • There will be a designated tool for small businesses, allowing them to advertise on the platform which has been largely dominated by bigger businesses until now.

  • Contact buttons will be added to business profiles, allowing customers to contact businesses directly through the Instagram platform.

  • Companies with a business profile will be able to decide how they wish customers to get in touch, adding email addresses, phone numbers or text message options to their profiles.

  • If a post is performing well, the ‘take action’ button will enable business users to turn it into a sponsored post.

  • Business users will also have access to Insights, Instagram’s analytics platform. This promises to be a huge selling point with users currently having to use third party sites such as ‘Dasheroo’.

However, not everyone will qualify for a business profile on Instagram, only those with an active Facebook page for their business will be able to create this new account.

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