Launch of ‘Instagram Stories’ and the impact for business users

This month saw the launch of ‘Instagram Stories’, a new feature bearing remarkable similarities to Snapchat.

Stories provide users with a place to share transient posts, such as behind-the-scenes photos which last 24 hours before disappearing, meaning you can share your experiences without disrupting the aesthetic of your Instagram profile.


Stories vs Snapchat

On face value, Instagram stories appears to be the same as Snapchat. However, Snapchat has a few advantages which sets it apart from its new competitor. Most importantly, Instagram lacks the creative filters, stickers and of course facial recognition, which have all succeeded in propelling Snapchat to its current status.


Yet Instagram has a large advantage over Snapchat in terms of the amount of daily active users, with Instagram’s 300 million leaving Snapchat trailing behind with just 150 million. Therefore, Instagram’s existing audience base may well adapt to stories quickly, and benefit from increased discoverability, as opposed to Snapchat’s content, which relies on promotion across other channels. Meaning this update is the perfect opportunity for those who want to experiment with Snapchat-style content without making the leap to a new platform.

So can these two channels both survive, or will users abandon Snapchat and adopt Stories? The demographic overlap between Instagram and Snapchat makes it likely that users will simply migrate their pictures to the other platform. However, the answer largely relies on Instagram’s future updates; unless Instagram chooses to stick with a minimalist approach, expect more features to be added.


For Instagram business users

If your brand has an active Instagram audience base, we recommend you get on Stories quickly. The update gives the opportunity to create in-the-moment, light-hearted content, which has been proven to engage audiences.


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